written by Stéfan Burger 22.04.2020


"During lockdown I have buried myself in binge series like Six Feet Under, The Leftovers and The Prodigal Son. All series dealing with the borderline characters of society and to an extent, apocalyptic themes. 


Then I read Anna Emm's latest book, "Road to Un"... I would not want to give too much of the story line away, but what a suspenseful journey it was! The unlikely anti-hero, Joel Clementine, is the main character that finds himself stuck in a town, that is in itself stuck in time and isolated from the world and the natural progression of life. (Very much like the lockdown situation a lot of people are currently experiencing.)


Colourful characters crosses Joel's path in his journey of discovering the mysteries of this strange town, Un, as well as the mysteries of his own destiny and his own life story. He is, as a good story should be, surrounded by mysterious and sensual women, a few shady and paranoid characters, a ghost or two (literally and figuratively) and a vividly explained landscape that transports you to his space and mind. There are romance and wolves and darkness and hope and honesty and mystery. It is much better to just dive in and read it yourself, than me spoiling the intricate surprises.


 Anna Emm has again managed to use a story with all the right elements and balances to also convey a deeper message. One of destiny and choices. But only if that is what you want to read into it. It is primarily still just what it needs to be: A riveting story, a flight into the impossible, a glimpse into the human nature."




written by Lucindia Coetzee​ 17.04.2020


"I will admit that I was a bit about Anna Emm's new book as I am not a huge fan of the fantasy genre, but it only took a couple of pages to have me hooked and I ended up reading the whole book in one sitting!


On my first introduction to Joel Clementine I was pulled into a dystopian world where crime was king and you had to fight for survival. Joel himself is a survivor. He is street smart and tough, but there is a sadness and a bleakness that surrounds him. He avoids others and is suspicious of everyone around him.


Joel is very much in control of his world, but a car accident changes all of that. Suddenly he is thrown into a world where nothing is familiar, stuck in a town surrounded by a strange fog and filled with even stranger people.


The author did an amazing job creating the town of Un. She paints the eerie, forgotten place so well that I could almost feel the coldness of the fog on my skin. The strange crack running through the town, the fog, the dusty old buildings, the wolves, the people, everything just added layers to transport the reader into this unusual town.  


The book is also filled with characters who kept me guessing right up to the end, because in Un little is what it seems. The character of Joel evolves from a bleak, hard man into a man who starts letting others in, who starts to see the good around him and a man who wants to fulfill his destiny.


I do not want to give away too much about the rest of the characters as they are so central to the suspense in the storyline, but I CAN say that most of them surprised me. I was wrong a couple of times in picking out the “good guys” and the “bad guys”!


From a gritty crime fuelled world to the mysterious town of Un, Anna Emm did a great job in setting the scene for Joel’s story. This book was full of surprises and for me it was a story about good vs bad, about destiny and second chances. I recommend it."

written by Siegfried Louw 27.04.2020


Anna Emm's new book, Road to Un, is a sneaky story. It pulls you in and before you know it, you are on a strange journey. Without detours, this road takes you straight to the action, mystery and unresolved riddles.


What makes you who you are? Is it your life story? Is it the sum of everything that has happened to you? Or is it only the choices you yourself have made? What if your identity is intertwined with the people whose hands you hold? And if so, what do we do about the things in our past that are staring at us like gaping wounds? This story is un-believable (see what I did there…) and an exciting read.


It seems that Anna Emm knows how to write books that can be read as fun-filled roller coasters, or material for deeper thought. The choice is yours."



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